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Aglaia Natural Paints - Ogee Supplies, Falkirk

Ogee Supplies provide true environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives to conventional building and construction materials and supplies.

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Ogee Supplies - Eco-Builds

Our Ogee Eco-Builds use environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials, meaning your home office, summerhouse or garden room or house can become a healthy reality. Ogee can supply of the shelf modular builds or bespoke builds to suit your needs and design.

Hempcrete Mortar - Ogee Supplies, Falkirk

Learn more about our eco-friendly products and buildings, and the advantages these products can bring to your next project with our free in-house consultancy service.


Supplying Scotland with Natural and Sustainable Building Materials for naturally beautiful and healthy homes.

Ogee Supplies, Scotland’s only suppliers of TRULY NATURAL & SUSTAINABLE ECO-FRIENDLY materials for use in the construction and renovations of genuinely Eco-Friendly homes and buildings. From Hempcrete & Sheep Wool Insulation for keeping your home naturally warm to Lime renders/plasters and Aglaia Natural Paints for the finishing touches all with one objective in mind that is to use NATURES very own tried and tested materials.

Our products help reduce carbon emissions without compromising on building performance, all in accordance with today’s strict guidelines in the construction industry.

Ogee Supplies will help you from the outset to completion of your Eco project, we can simply offer free advice on what natural & sustainable materials are available for building your REAL Eco-build project, we can also supply all the eco build materials for clients who wish to build their own Eco build. We also offer the full supply,design & build package from our own standard Hempcrete Garden Pod’s to your own bespoke project, from a basic garden building to your very own Eco-built Hempcret home.
Ogee Supplies are highly motivated to constantly source REAL Eco-friendly & sustainable building materials that can be used for renovation and constructing new healthy buildings that comply with all current building standards.

Our full package builds WILL ALL be completed to the highest workmanship and building standards available. We have an in-house team of 8 highly skilled Carpenters, Stonemasons and skilled Labourers  that have all worked together as a team for many years on various projects all over the UK.

Ogee Supplies make every effort to ensure all our products are sustainable, ethically sourced and have very little or no environmental impact during their lifetime.

From 100% natural sheeps wool insulation which is completely biodegradable, natural paints which are manufactured using only natural ingredients, to hempcrete which is non-toxic, energy efficient and lasts 100s of years your guaranteed to make your home or office not only energy efficient but also a healthier environment to be in.

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